Bulvar atakent project

The Bulvaratakent project (Atakent Boulevard project) in the Küçükçekmece area is on 22,274 square meter with the participation of Maksem and Oğuzkağan Holdings consisting of 5 blocks of residential and commercial units.
The project consists of 26 commercial units and 391 residential units consisting of two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom units between 110 and 184 square meters.
Available units for sale with description of price and price (cash payment) are as follows:
– Two bedroom units from 105 to 126 m – – Starting from 693,000 Lire to 977,000 Lire
– Three bedroom units from 144 to 157 m – – Starting from 939,000 Lire 1,133,000 Lire
– Four bedroom units from 170 to 184 m4 – Starting from 1,346,000 liras to 1,571,000 liras
Settlement payment procedure :
– 35% prepaid with 24 month installments
– 50% prepaid with 36 month installments now ready to be delivered.

The Atakent Boulevard project has significant features and facilities for both investment and housing, as well as geographically adjacent to Basın ekspres, minutes to TEM highway, Yavuz Sultan Selim, as well as third (new) airport and with easy and fast access to public transport and metro, Motorbus.

Project Features:
– gym
– Basketball Court
– Children’s playroom
– indoor swimming pool
– sauna
– Children’s playground and park
– Indoor parking