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Real Estate

our company as the official representative and legitimate by relying on the methods of modern.

Buying and selling real estate in Turkey

Sepehr Company, as the official representative of legal sales of construction and commercial projects in Turkey, is ready to offer the best services to investors, considering quality.

Resident visa services

Our consultants, upon your request, take all the affairs related to obtaining a residence, such as.

Immigration consulting

You must know that Turkey is a country that can easily get residency , but the most important thing is to know that the type of person’s stay must be consistent with his immigration goals.

Business affairs

All business affiliates, business registration, bank account opening .... in Turkey.

Providing business services

1- Company registration
2- Buying and selling the property in cash and installments without banking interest rates
3- Opening the account of Lier, Dollar, Euro and receiving the credit card

About Sepehr Home Holding

To choose and buy a home in Turkey, be sure to get reliable experts, and according to our budget, we will select the desired home from the appropriate area; Property prices in Turkey is according to different cities, area and facilities in each city. For example, in Istanbul there are different areas for buying a house, which is priced according to the situation in each region.
Sepehr Co. is providing services for buying and selling property based on modern and advanced methods and in order to improve the quality of construction to the countries of Europe, Middle East and the rest of the world.
As a legal sales representative, we are ready to provide for customers and investors in the following areas:
1- Registration of the company
2- Buying and selling property in cash and installments without interest
3- Opening the Turkish Lire, Dollars, Euros, and credit Cards
4- Temporary and permanent residence visa in Turkey

Sepehr Co. as the sale of construction projects in Turkey since 2017, is ready to offer you the best services to investors, satisfaction and gaining of your trust.

Why Sepehr Home Holding?

Providing special services to our customers

Free transfer from hotel or airport to visit projects
Failure to receive commissions from buyers
Obtaining residence, citizenship of Turkey free of charge as a gift

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