Work Permit

A resident is taken through work. In this way, employment is obtained through employment in a Turkish company and after being insured.

The requirements for obtaining permanent residence through this type of visa are such that the company’s first official recruitment is abandoned if, over a period of 4 years, the insured person has been continuously paid and during these few years he only spent 6 months outside of Turkey. And cannot do any wrongdoing for a permanent resident of Turkey. At first, company or employer documents are prepared by our company and submitted to the applicant. At this stage, the Turkish embassy will provide a tracking code to the applicant. In the next step, the person who requested the tracking code has been handed over to us and we will track all legal matters through the Turkish Ministry of Labor and will be rejected from the first month of the applicant’s insurance.
It is noteworthy that working accommodation can be done in companies that employ 5 Turkish nationals, in fact, for every 5 Turkish, a foreign person can be hired.
• The second condition is that the corporation will fund a sum of 100,000 liters of capital.
• The third condition is that the salary for a foreigner should be one and a half times the minimum wage in Turkey.

The fee received from the client for filing a file, obtaining a date for the immigration office, and providing information for the required documentation is $ 3,000.